Friday, January 1, 2010


5 miles - 41:00 +/-725'.

Felt much better today; most of the achiness is gone but still a little tightness.

Same run as I did yesterday and Monday, but just turned around a little earlier.

With what felt like a similar effort as what I put forth yesterday and Monday I was running about 30-40 seconds/mile faster on the up portion; Good sign.

I did make a Rookie Mistake for my first Ultra, though. I forgot all about today being New Years Day; went to a couple running stores looking for gels, but thry were all closed. The grocery stores didn't offer anything but the typical Cliff bars and stuff so I picked up some gummy bear type candy. Also got some good ideas from Lucho on some homemade honey based stuff.

Weather for tomorrow at the Tsali 50k is temps in the upper teens at the 9 am start and about 30 at 2 in the afternoon, calling for "Abundant Sunshine" so as long as there's some sun exposure on the course it shouldn't feel too cold.

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