Thursday, January 28, 2010

MRI Negative!!

Great news. No stress fracture, no bursitis, no nothin', hip appears to be in perfect condition according to MRI technology. So what's, then, causing this pain on impact? I have a follow up with the PT on Tuesday; perhaps he'll bring some light to this. In the meantime, I'm going to do some steep, DOWNHILL intervals; just kidding! I'll do some hiking this weekend and perhaps try some OTC dog medicine for hip diplasia.


  1. You'll be 100% soon. Awesome that you might be fine. It's like my foot! Maybe it's all in our heads?

  2. I had/have a hip tightness that the real doc said is just tightness via God (the way I was made) and getting older. You'll be fine. I had other people (PT, chiros, etc.) read me my last rights.

    Where's my beer?!

  3. I hope it's all in my head. In that case I can just tell myself "Toughen up you piece-a-shit!"

    Beer is coming next week - e-mail me your address and some packaging tips... Seriously! Are you still using the espresso maker?