Friday, January 29, 2010

New Goal

I have a new goal race in mind on a course I have unfinished business on, Mt. Washington. Not being able to do MMC is not a big deal for me; the whole thing started out as a way to build a good base - something I hadn't had in about 4-5 years. I accomplished the base so I'm happy with that and can look ahead at some races I REALLY want to do.
I ran Mt. Washington in 2005, I loved it and trained hard for it, but didn't train properly for an 80 minute run. I trained and raced as though I was doing the ascent portion of the Imogene Pass Run, about 2 hours for me. When I finished MT. W in 2005 I felt like I could have run another 30 minutes up that road, I just hadn't drained my tank or given it my all. Once my hip is ready I'll use some guidence again to accomplish this goal for Mt. W. I still need to get in through the lottery, but I have family Pinkham Notch so we'll plan a trip anyway. If I don't get in I'm going to run the trail up to the top in the morning at race effort and watch the race from finish line.


  1. That's right! You've got a little unfinished business over there as well, right?

  2. A little. I left a pair of shoes there.