Sunday, February 28, 2010


5.5 easy - Felt Good.
The Mt. Mitchell Challenge yesterday had to cut the course from a 40 miler to a 34 miler due to downed trees and 10 foot snow drifts. Winners Jason Bryant and Krissy Moehl reported hurricane like winds on the summit and thier own water bottles freezing, not being able to hydrate on the summit. Krissy's hat blew off and was no where to be found with 30 mph winds and 6 degrees; a volunteer gave her hat and she said that saved her race.


  1. Crikey. Are you glad you missed that?

    Other reports:

  2. I think I saw a picture you posted from last year's Mt. Mitchell? It was pouring. I got a sense: no thanks. Good you're looking elsewhere.

    I have to get a hold of some Hopslam.

  3. I've never done MMC before, but whoever you saw in the photo was definately getting soaked. 2009 was one of the worst conditions for that race; rain at the start, sleet in the middle and ice at the summit.
    Yea, no part of me wishes I was on that course Saturday, I have too many other races that are more to my liking. I did manage to build some base training for it that I'll be able to use for the next 6-7 months. Thanks for the other links GZ. JB's race report is much better than the newspapers; I like how he wrote about the bear hunters!