Monday, February 1, 2010

Riley shows me how it's done

63 minutes, 4,000', 3mph, 24% grade. Average HR=148, Max 161.
Ran 5 minutes, walked 5 minutes for this run. HR was a good 10 bpm higher on the run portions for the first 30 minutes. Then, after 40 minutes things started to get a little tough, in a good way. On the last set of run/walk the difference between my HR's for each was only 5 bpm.
This speed and grade are very interesting; I didn't expect running to be so much harder than walking. This ended up being a little like an interval w/o where the hard/easy weren't at extremes.
Oh yea, no issues with the hip, even on the run portions.


  1. Do you have multiple mills or did you move yours?

  2. Just one; we moved it inside yesterday. I'm going to be doing some more travelling so Maureen will need to be able to see/hear the kids when she's on it.