Sunday, January 31, 2010

4,650' Uphill Tempo Walk

1:13:24 - 3mph at 24% grade.
Ran for 1 minute every 9 minutes, hip felt pretty good. Zero pain when walking, a slight stiffness near the end of some of the 1 minute runs. Kept speed and incline the same for entire session. Walking cadence was 116 while running was 158.
I'm well aware that this time and vertical mean nothing relative to racing/running at inclines between 10-15% grades. For example, my fastest time up The Incline, a 40% average grade, is 26 minutes and a double in 60 minutes. Take the double and see that I have done 4,000' in one hour. Now take a solid 11% grade on the ascent portion of the BTMR that gains 3,630' in 6.3 miles and see that a 56:00 ascent for MC is a great day. After 56 minutes today I climbed 3,548'. Need I say more? A little... A 75 minute ascent at BTMR would be a solid time for me and at that pace it would still take me 82 minutes and 40 seconds to cover 4,000'. Anyway, yep, I was running alot of numbers through my head on this tempo hike this morning. The one thing that I can't argue is the time on my feet at a solid effort. Felt good and will keep this up to hold onto some fitness while the hip heals.


  1. EXACTLY! Treadmill workouts mean nothing to outdoors. They only mean something to other treadmill workouts.

  2. Well said GZ. And you make a great point to the benefits of the mill, the comparison of the mill runs factor.

  3. Yup. Get on a stairmaster and you can do a 4,000 foot gain even faster than you did today, with a total forward progress of 0 miles. What is that math, infinite?