Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch Run

Did and up/down +/- 960' on my favorite raod near work. The local cyclists train alot in this area and have painted different faces on the steep climb, they get increasingly "sadder." Hard to see the tears running from the left eye on this one. This is the face with about 50' of climbing left.
I kept it nice and easy and felt great. I love TT'ing this road during the M-F lunch runs and will incorporate this into my schedule soon.


  1. Other than Mt. Washington, what else are you gunning for?

  2. Ideally I'd like to do some local trail races leading up to MW in June, anything 6-13 miles long. I'm hoping to do a trail Half 10th April. Then do more of the same July and August. Sept. would be IPR and 1st Sat. in Nov. would be Shut-In Ridge here in Asheville.