Sunday, March 14, 2010

Treadmill 12%

I'm a "Single Dad" this week as Maureen's job has taken her out of town thru Saturday. Should be able sharpen up on my time management skills taking care of the kids, getting them to and from school, getting myself to work and fitting runs in. We might be eating alot of pancakes, speghetti and grilled cheese sandwiches this week.
Managed to fit in 45 minutes on the mill this morning at 12% grade for a climb of about 1,900'.


  1. Keeping at it! Good. How's da hip?

  2. Thanks!. Hip is doing very well. Never any issues when running, but some soreness/stiffness if I sit for a while after a run. I think it's all behind me though. I've had soreness in my feet/ankles for years after a run and in the mornings, now the hip s addred to the bunch.

  3. You should drink more beer for that damn hip, greese the joints, per se.

    Happy St. Patty's day, Rick. You know what that means.