Sunday, March 21, 2010


Climbed about 5,000' this week while making a point to do some faster work on flat - light rolling terrain this week with about 7.5 hours of running.
Tuesday - 1 hour steady with some nice uphill strides.
Wednesday - 50:00 steady - Flat
Thursday - 15:00 w/u, then a 60 minute fartlek on rolling trails, 1,150' of up/down during this hour. Hard/strong on the ups, steady on the flats/downs. 10 minute c/d. Great run today!
Friday - 15:00 w/u, then an 8 mile progression run on a very lightly rolling dirt road, up/down 650' for these 8 miles. 10:00 c/d. Felt comforable for the first 6 miles, then started to work a little on the 7th and struggled a bit on the 8th. Much better run than I thought, legs were a little tired during the w/u from the hill farlek the day before. Thought perhaps I went a little too hard on Thursday, but recovered nicely and put in some good work today.
Saturday - Legs very tired from T/F runs. Thought they would loosen up nicely after 20-30 minutes, but they never recovered. Went easy on the trails for 51:00 and 850' of up/down.
Sunday - Today was a good day for me as well as some nice learning on how I will recover. After feeling quite shitty yesterday I came back today feeling very well. So well, in fact, I dropped some prescribed paces about 15 seconds per mile on the flat farlek part of my run today. 1 hour of w/u and steady running on nice rolling trails, 700' of up/down during this hour. Then found some flat dirt roads in the area and did a 36:00 fartlek with the work being done between 6:45 and 7:00 pace. The 7's felt quite easy and very little recovery was needed so dropped the working pace down to 6:45 for the 2nd half of this 36:00 segmant. This pace was mostly comfortable, but felt more like I was getting the turnover and quickness I wanted. This was probably closer to what my 10k pace is at the moment. Managed to keep the total up/down for the farlek at 240'.

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  1. I'm not really supporting your beer abstinence. In fact, shame on you.

    Training looks good though for sure!