Friday, April 16, 2010

10-5 Good Buddy.

2:00, w/2,500' of vertical on a beautiful snow road up to 10,500'. Was hoping this road would take me to 10,000', but couldn't resist taking this road to the end and see how high I could get today. This road, groomed by a snowcat, ended at a ridge. I looked at my watch and it said 10,496'. There was no way I wasn't going to see 10,500' today! The snowcat had pushed a pile of snow at the end, so I climbed up on that pile and saw 10,507' on my watch. I can go home in peace now. I'm ready to go home, this place is unbelievable, but only half as beautiful if I can't share it with family. Perhaps we can make a summer vacation someday here in Snowbird, UT and do some family hikes.

View From 10,500'
View From 10,500'

Last Steep Climb to the Ridge

Highgear Alterra

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  1. Cool travel log. I bet that place (Alta) is INSANE during the summer.