Sunday, April 18, 2010

10.7 - 10.5 - 9.6

No, these are not my secret ratings for Juliette Binoche, Valeria Golino and Denise Huxtable. These are my weekly totals on 5 days of running.
10,715' of verticle
10,507' max altitude
9.6 hours of running
Big week for me in terms of time on my feet, verticle wasn't too bad and I had the pleasure of doing most of this between 8,000'-10,000'. Todays run, back in Asheville, was 3 hours with 3,600' of verticle all done at at an easy-moderate effort. No fitigue at all this week, even today I was feeling strong. I'm ready to take this training to another level.
Cool story on my last evening in Snowbird. I decided to go to a bar for a little recovery. To my suprize there were a bunch of local ski/mountain bike bums hanging out and working there. An even better suprize was that they had Hop Rising in a bottle there. This ain't no 3.2 beer! Plus the 9.? goes much better with my weekly numbers this week. Right away I get into a nice talk with the ski/bike bum sitting next to me, he's done some 100 mile mtn. bike races as well as some 24 hour ones. He asked me where I ran this week so I showed him the photos I took since I had no idea where I went. In about a minute he told me the names of every land mark in my photos and told me where/what I did, pretty cool. He asked me if I knew Karl M. I said I had heard of him. They, the guy I was sitting next to and the girl behind the bar, started telling me that Karl used to bartend here when it was called the Keyhole. They started telling me some good stories. I asked it they knew of his race, Speedgoat 50K. They said, yea, it's run right here, the start is right there (they pointed to the tram). Now my curiosity has me re-thinking which race I want to do in the Rockies this summer, PPA or Speedgoat 50k? It'd be aweful nice to take the family to Snowbird and run a bas ass 50k, Then again, PPA has alot to offer, and watching the marathoners summit on Sunday is a huge incentive...


  1. Yea, neither one of those mountains are going anywhere. Both courses are going to kick my ass. This decision will probably be made by more on a social interest.

  2. Great post (and I love GZ's comment). Again, sounds and looks like a great place. And nice work back there, as reflected by your numbers.

    Although you're on another level entirely, we're sorta parallel universe. I am ready to take this thing up. Starting to feel good. It feels weird running around and seeing flowers and wanting them all to die a terrible death. The smell of pollen (especially those disgusting yellow sun flowers) is everywhere. I hate flowers ;)

    I digress. Starting to find rhythm.

    And nice beveraging.

  3. Hey Matt. Yea, I wasn't sure if GZ was voting for which race I was deciding on or which actress has the best rating;-)
    I've noticed on alot of the training blogs that people, no matter their ability, are at a similar parallel right now - they're ready to step it up; this is a good sign of Spring, I think.
    Pollen here is quite bad as well, some places even have a pollen smog haze hovering.