Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 10 - 744'

Yea, I did it - I ran exactly 744' up Sugar Mountain so that I'd have some really nice numbers on day 10. I had planned for a nice lunch run to do about 1,000'-1,300', but at about 5 minutes past 8 this morning I realised I had mis-read my calander and had some meetings in Banner Elk, NC and Boone, NC. We were meeting with some people at the base of Sugar Mountain and as soon as we were done I threw on my shorts and shoes and took off without a w/u and got it done as fast as I could, jogged back down feeling a little guilty, but satisified.
20,000' up, 130,000' to go.
10% of the days and 13.3% of the vertical are finished.
I've averaged 2,000'/day and will need to average 1,444'/day to finish.
So far so good, physically I feel great, just getting stronger.
The real challenge will be time management and creativity the next few months.


  1. Great stuff. Is there a way you can chart the strength? You will be strong for sure!

    How about the goals disallowed in this cup? Freaking terrible. That English no-goal was bad. Would have made it 2-2. Different game.

    Oh well.

    Listen to the 2-part interview irunfar does with Roes post race. Great stuff. I'm going to post it. He goes play by play through the end of the race. I guess KJ would take-off and disappear, then fall back and go off the back, then run-off again. . really sporadic.

    Roes has some sick speed. Check it out.

  2. Great interviews! I watched the Anton and Killian ones as well. We already know that Geoff and Anton are good guys, now we know that Killian is as well.
    I've never had much of a problem with refs, but the past 2 weeks have been ridculous for alot of teams. Something certainly needs to be done. However, I'm not convinced we need technology added yet. I think we need better refs first! Then, with quality officiating decide where technology fits in. Otherwise technology will only produce weaker officiating.

  3. Oh yea, quote of the year, decade... "I dropped my pacer, Dave Mackey."

  4. Yeah, that's a pretty classic quote.

    I agree, better refs. But I mean, geez. It's a joke. I'm not that intrigued actually. Brazil is still the best team. Germany Argentina and the Dutch are 2nd tier and there's a bunch of flopping and shitty calls.

    Is this 2010 or 1994 or the 30s or 40s (probably much more flopping now).

    Sorry to be such a drag.

    Go climb a mountain!

  5. Good point and I agree, the better teams have advanced so far. IMO, the 16 that made the 2nd round were deserving and the 6 in the quarters so far are deserving. Perhaps the good karma is looking over?
    FIFA needs to take care of the flopping, I think they should start throwing yellows for that and watch it stop quickly. Yea, they'll get a few wrong , but they'll be right 99% of the time and put a stop to that non-sense. I was a defender so that flopping crap just makes me want to go in spikes up on a guy like Ronaldo. They also need to take care of all the holding, on both sides, in the box during free kicks. These guys are maulling eachother with bear hugs!

  6. This is so cool! I stopped checking the blog for a bit after the break, but am thrilled to have an excuse to check in all the time now.

    Maybe I can get some of that vertical with you in September! Hope things are amazing Rick, you are going to be a monster after the hundred days.

  7. Thanks Dave! We'll definately get some vertical in during September. The way I see it, I'll eiter be way behind the 150,000' goal or way ahead.
    Behind - I'll be killing it just to make sure I get it.
    Ahead - I'll be killing it just so I can crush the 150,000' goal!