Monday, June 21, 2010

A Perfect Father's Day

The kids and Maureen planned a Father's Day Trail Run at Craggy Gardens, a 1 mile trail that climbs about 500' to some open flats with great views. Riley was only concerned with beating everyone to the top which had me in a full sweat trying to keep him in site. Kayle was excited to try out her new running skirt and have as much fun as possible, even though she was only about 5 minutes behind Riley!

Riley - Too fast for the camera.
Kayle - Smokin' the descent.

Kayle - coming over the summit.
Riley - Approaching the summit.

Riley - Showing his steep rock hoping ascending technique.

Riley - Dropping Daddy when the trail levels out.

Kayle - Showing all of us how to pick your path on a technical ascent.

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