Saturday, June 26, 2010


Bigger, Stronger, Faster.
I've played against all 3 in every combination and here's how it works.
Bigger than me - I'm faster and usually stronger.
Stronger then me - I'm faster.
Faster than me - I'm bigger and stonger.
Bigger, Stronger and Faster than me - I need to DENY him the ball.
If I can't deny him him the ball - GOAL!
Both goals today were a result of a quick counter where Bigger, Stronger, Faster guys had the ball and could not be stopped.
After watching the Ghana/Germany match a few days ago I'm not suprised that we didn't advance. But, the USA is better than I thought and I'm happy with the way we played.
I will now go Guilt Free and support the side I've loved since 1982, the Dutch!
In the meantime I will follow WS100 and hope for Nick C to be the Strongest guy and take down the Faster guys! Go Nick!!!!
However, with the pints I've put back during the USA match I don't think I'll be awake at 11pm(EST) to see the 15 hour CR finish.

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