Thursday, July 22, 2010

Days 31-34 - 1483', 2966', 0', 851'

Well, the Germans were NOT joking about the steep road next to their offices in Bavaria in the foothills of the German Alps. I was able to get some quick vertical in that did not make for much conversation with the folks I was running with. Well 2 guys were chatting it up quite easily, but they tried to pretend this was a hard run for them. Good amount of steep road that picked up a trail near the end and the trail took the rest of the climb to the top of a big hill.
Monday - 1,483' - with a great group from Invia.
Tuesday - 2,966' - doubled Monday's for an early morning run.
Wednesday - too many hours of travelling today.
Thursday - 851' - A very tough/tired/jet legged run, had no energy.
After 34 days 53,639' up, 96,361' to go.
An average of 1,577'/day, just a little ahead of schedule here, 77' per day to be exact.


  1. Who has a better job than you?

    No one. German Alps? Altimeter conference?
    Lager seminar? Bratwurst and bock symposium?

    Is San Diego on your itinerary?

    Solid climbing. Btw, are you having days in which you say to yourself, have I even been climbing? This is killing me!

  2. Thanks Matt.
    Yea, if anybody ever hears me complaining about my job please give me a good kick in the nads! Bavarian beer is GOOD in case it wasn't already obvious.
    The climbing, suprisingly, has not been tiring at all. I really have not been pushing it at all though, just keeping it very easy for the most part and even walking if I don't feel up to the effort. I'm more tired on the descents, sort of use all my fuel on the ups and suffer a little coming down.
    I'd ove to get to San Diego, but at the moment it's not in the cards for me.

  3. You're killing it man! And Matt is right... who has a better job than you?

  4. Hmm, I used to have the same job that you have now, so I'd have to say you have a better job than me! And I'm not talking about coaching...