Sunday, July 18, 2010

Days 24-30 = 7,000'

I've been in Germany for the past week and there are only some very small hills here. But there is a road outside of my hotel that goes up 200' in about a half a mile so I've been doing 5 reps per morning on this hill just so I don't fall too far behind in this 100 day effort. I'll be heading to the German Alps this afternoon and should be able to get a few runs in with some more vertical. I was told by the person I am seeing there that there is a really steep road that goes a long way. It's so steep, in fact, that he said there are stair for people to walk up. I hope this is true!
48,339' up, 101,661 to go.
I should have no problem hitting the 50,000' mark on the 33rd day but that will only put me right on schedule, not ahead like I wanted. I knew travel was going to make it a little difficult, but that's another challenge in itself that I welcome.

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  1. Two days on the mill at 3 hours of 15% grade and you will be ahead! BY A LOT.