Sunday, July 11, 2010


OK, I'm am far more happy with the TDF than the WC today. I think the WC Final would have been a better match if Germany and Uraguay would have met. Oh well, Spain was the better team, but I had more fun e-mailing with Matt throughout the match than the match itself.
Schleck was a bad ass emenefer today! Ran on the treadmill at 12% watching this for a climb of 3,798' on day 23. 41,339' up, 108,661 to go.


  1. Great stuff, my friend.

    Go Schleck! I want to see Saxo Bank on the front (once he's in yellow) and watch Jens and Fabian eat competitors as they ready to launch Andy into the clouds!

    Time for another ipa.

  2. Yeah, I actually fell asleep watching the final - it was that boring. Dude, you should up the ante to 200k, that appears to be where you're headed (almost).

  3. If I had a 2,000' hill in my backyard and job travel minimal I'd definately go for the 200k!