Thursday, September 16, 2010

Days 87-90 = 5,304'

Ran the same hill everyday this week that is close to work. All 4 days, M-TH are a 1,326' climb.
On day 90 I have climbed 134,857'.
90% of the days are done and 89.9% of the climbing has been clumbed. (yea, that's my new word, it's not a typo)
If I had known this this morning I certainly would have done another 143' today. DAMN!
So tomorrow will need to be 1,643', it's never too late to catch up.
Looking forward to some good vertical this weekend for a little padding going into the final week. I recently had a 3 week period where I only ran 10 out of 21 days and fell behind a little. I did have an 8,000' cushion at that time so it helped, but can't complain going into the final 10 days right on schedule.
I should have no trouble meeting my 100 day goal since I'll have 4 full days, days 97-100, at Loon Mountain with a 2,100' vertical.

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