Sunday, September 19, 2010

Days 91-93 = 8,730'

Friday I ran my staple 1,326' hill, then SaturdayI finally did what I've always wanted to do, a double summit on Mt. Mitchell as an up/down/up for a total of 7,404' of climbing, 3,700' of decent in about 16.5 miles. The last half of the second climb just about killed me, I was hiking like a zombie at 13,000', but was only between 4,000' & 6,700'. I love this trail and with about 3,700' of climbing in 5.5 miles it's the best vertical you can get here and takes me to the top of the highest peak East of the Mississippi. The bottom of my right foot is very sore this morning and I can't remember anything specific happening to it yesterday, but a few days off here should make it better for the final 4 days. No vertical today and most likely very little to none M-W, so I'll have the last 4 days, days 97-100, to climb the remaining 6,413'.
I climbed 14,034' in 6 days this week, with the idea of assuring the 150,000' in 100 days. At this point I could finish this all off with 2 treadmill runs, but I want to go out with some beautiful runs on late September early mornings in the colorful White Mountains in New Hampshire while attending the Nor'easter.


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to read the summit post of your 150k. Are you going to do anything special on that last foot of climb? You should bring a nice beer and toast the finish... and take pics.

  2. Hadn't thought of that - but if I had a camera, other than the one on my phone, I'd probably steal your idea and set the timer for a photo of myself running the last few feet.
    Now that you've got me thiking about it I should really work it out so that I'm at the summit of Loon Mtn. at the 150,000' mark. Yea, I think I'll do that instaed of the 150,000' being at some arbitrary spot in the middle of an ascent. Thanks!