Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Days 94-96 = 1,951'

Did a little research the other day on Google Earth and found out that the hotel I'm staying in is at 803' and the gondola on Loon Mtn. goes up to 3,034' for a 2,231' climb. So, with a total of 6,413' remaining in my 150,000' I decided to run 1,000' yesterday and 951' today to take me down to 4,462' remaining. The hotel I'm staying in is a ski-in/ski-out place and since there's no snow it is now a run-in/run-out place. I can now plan my 2nd summit of Loon Mtn. as the 150,000' in 100 days mark.
After 96 days I have climbed 145,538' and have 4,462' to go.


  1. Congrats in advance for a huge goal. It's analogous to a 35yd. strike, upper corner, goalie fully extended, go-ahead goal.
    Big time, bud.

    I did 10x1 min on/off today embedded ala GZ. I'm disciplin' up like no other.


  2. Thanks Matt! Yea, I'll be pushing hard the next 2 climbs and hope to have that same type of feeling as ripping a go-aheader upper 90 from 35 out!
    You have a race coming up, right?