Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is finally here... Asheville!
By far, my favorite time of year and Asheville has the longest Fall of any place I've ever lived, so I'm quite happy this weather has arrived. I find this to be the best time of year to go hard. There's something about the weather or moon or stars (i don't know) that cause endorphines to creep up a little more and a little higher. A good Stout may have something to do with that as well.
I plan to do something much different this Fall. I'm going to finally put the cross bike I've had for 6 years to more use than just a hard ride on a dirt road. She's going to need to step it up a bit for some big time CX4 racing! Took her to the Doc and she's in good hands for a much needed tune up and some new stuff; I'm hoping they feed her some contaminated meat from Spain. I think I've got a good plan for the next 3 months that should be alot of fun. I'm going to follow some basic 1/2 marathon training while incorporating cyclo-cross into it. The CX4 level is "just" a 30 minute ride and should offer some great -mixing it up- as well as benefits for running. I have no idea how to train for cyclo-cross, but going as hard as I can for 30 minutes should feel really good when I stop. I hope this is alot of fun and I gain some new benefits for running through this. I could also see myself getting hooked on cyclo-cross and someday flip flop what I'm saying - I could be doing some 4-5 mile trail races to get some benefits for my cyclo-cross season.


  1. For the past few years I've done Cyclocross to cross train in my off season. There was no training involved, just go out and get anaerobic for 45 minutes once a week. It hurt every time! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Scott. I'm looking forward to it!