Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will name dropping make me faster?

Great morning, 31 degrees and snowing! Light snow at first, then for about 20 minutes I was just dumped on. It was quite nice with the dusting of snow on the bed of colored leaves. 5 miles (145) moderate.
Timed my run so that I'd finish around the time that the Shut-In racers would be hitting the 2.5 mile mark and making the transition from service roads to single track. Looked to be a good race going at the front early on, bigger pack than usual anyway. The 1&2 women were running togather, but just about a minute back was Anne L. Anne will only pick up the pace as the race goes on so 1&2 will need to keep pace if they want the victory. Hard to tell, but the first Master looked to be Jay Curwen. Jay, I think, used to have the course record a few years back. He reminds me a little of another guy I follow on this blogsphere that I was hoping to get out here to run this race, but he's enjoying a little time off running to flip logs. Defending champ and CR holder was not racing this year so perhaps that's why the pack at the front was bigger. Look forward to seeing the results tonight, as well as how Scott does at MM (He won!!). And I must say I do feel a little faster now.
Speaking of getting faster, we will gain an hour tonight. Does that make me faster or slower? I don't know. However, know it will make me - up at 4:30 - because Tima doesn't know we turn the clocks back tonight.


  1. Apparently your dropping of Scott's name was a good call.

  2. He's definately a force - alotta ultra hammers out there that haven't gone 7:23 on that course.