Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gnarly, snow-filled descents

I am easily the worst downhill runner around. I do whatever I can to avoid the downs and when I do them it's often done at an easy and cautious jog at the same pace as the ascent. But when there's enough snow covering the rocks and roots creating a soft, fluffy ground I'm like a kid going as fast as possible and completely out of control without a worry in the world. The last mile of the ascent portion of my run today and the first mile of the descent had 600' of elevation change. After trudging up this final push I immediately turned around and took off. I must've went from 42 to 22 in about a minute. Nothing like a gnarly, snow-filled descent to take 20 years off my age! Tima cought the same wave of energy and took off like a puppy. She was GoneManGone nearly going hips over head more than once. Funny how a little snow can take my least favoriute part of mountain running and turn it into the best part.


  1. I can tell you're related to those in the photo, especially the fish.

  2. That fish and I go way back - he taught me how to drink.