Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 = 9,100' (17,400')

Woke up this morning to a big fat goose egg - it was 0 degrees F. I was hoping for a -1, to be just Left of the Dial - one of my favorite bands. I used to wear a Replacements t-shirt underneath my shirt during soccer matches.

This was a tough week not being able to be stimulated during the runs. Late Sunday night/early Monday morning we got dumped on, our 3rd snow storm in a month. Between all the snow early in the week and then the partial melt/refreeze sequence roads have been pretty bad and the kids have not had school all week. We've been having a great time, but had we known we'd have a week off of school we would have planned a trip to visit family in Florida. My Grandfather turns 95 in a few weeks so we'll be heading down there for a Birthday Party next weekend.

8 - 1,550' up/down on Shut-In
9 - 1,550' up/down on Shut-In
10 - 1,900' up only on Treadmill
11 - 1,200' up only on Treadmill
12 - 850' around neighborhood *
13 - 1,200' up only on Treadmill
14 - 850' around neighborhood *
* = I have a hill in my neighborhood that is an 85' climb on both sides. One side is .2 miles and the other side is .4 miles. I did a series of up and overs on this hill - was only a little more enjoyable than the treadmill.

My Grandfather and the fish he caught a few months ago off my Uncle's (his son) dock on the inter-coastal.

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  1. I too would rather just run up down a hill than log tready time. Awesome fish! Damn.