Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 x 1 mile on BRPW

I know this section of the Blue Ridge Parkway won't be closed much longer so I wanted to get some good work done here because I think, minus the huge elevation difference, this part of the Parkway has a very similar uphill grade as the Mt. Evans road, about 300'/mile.
I discovered about a year ago that I do my best speedwork on back to back days or with 2 days between sessions, and my worst with 1 day between. That said, I was not expecting to feel my best today after the effort I put in on Monday. I felt better than I thought I would, but still went a good :15 seconds slower on each mile than what I think I'm capable of. After each mile I did a very slow recovery jog downhill for 4:00. My legs are feeling a little fried right now, but heatlthy.
Mile 1 - 8:18 with 318'
Mile 2 - 8:16 with 327'
Mile 3 - 8:41 with 312'
Mile 4 - 7:41 with 174'
Mile 5 - 8:02 with 293'


  1. Does your altimeter enable you to do splits?

    Nice workout.

  2. Unfortunately it does not have that option. It has a 20 log memory so I stopped the log after each mile and started it before each.
    My first altimeter watch, about 10 years ago, was some kind of Casio Pathfinder and it had the split ability in the altimeter and showed total vert for each split - it was pretty cool.

  3. Rick- Awesome run man! You're getting strong!

  4. I'm still in a "speed" phase trying to sharpen my top end uphill speed. On Sunday I ran 8 X 400 in 1:30-1:33 on 400 jog back down. Each 400 had 55ft of gain so only 220ft+ per mile. Tomorrow is 8 X 600 up the same hill but it pitches at the top so it should be closer to what you ran today. Don't you just love that hurt? That red lined feeling.

  5. I do love that hurt. I might need to go to a few Red Lining Anonymous meetings.
    I recover very quickly between reps and can have an almost false sense of feeling great when I start the next rep, especially when I take a long 4:00 like I did today.

  6. You've lost ... that red lining feeling. Whoa, whoa, that red lining feeling.

    Umm. Sorry.

  7. You love that Portland oxygen. Whoa, whoa, that Portland oxygen.

  8. Portland is a small town with a bitter city smile.