Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 12 - 13,380' (158,210')

78 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-In.
79 - 1,800' up/down on Shut-In and BRPW
80 - 1,100' up/down with a 7.5 mile hard effort. See this post.
81 - 2,100' up/down on Shut-In.
82 - 1,850' up/down on BRPW with 5x1 mile. See this post.
83 - 2,530' up only on treadmill.
84 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-In.

This was a pretty fun week getting in some good work on a few of the days. Put in a solid 10 hours of running. In the past I used the term "time on feet", but since I no longer need to hike some of the steep sections I feel good about moving on from the "time on feet" reference.
In the previous post I mentioned how I usually feel pretty good the day after a speed session, or 3 days after, but not so well 2 days after. This was pretty much confirmed again this week as I was holding back quite a bit on yesterdays treadmill run and today I could feel some fatigue on the steep climbs. The good news is on the moderate grades I was feeling the itch to get going a little, and if the pattern continues I should feel strong tomorrow. So the plan is to run the DuPont Forest 12k tomorrow. I'm not too worried about time, but I would be very happy to be around 52:30. I'm most concerned right now about running hard and feeling strong through the finish after a 10 hour week with 2 good speed sessions.

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