Wednesday, April 27, 2011

7 miles/6% at AeT

First - Thanks to Jim P for the new header photo. Jim took that a few years ago after finishing the Mt. Evans Ascent. Must have been an easy run for him with having such a steady hand at 14,200' after a climb like that ;-)

Had a nice little AeT treadmill test today to narrow down a little better what paces I need for Evans specific hill intervals and tempos.
After a pretty good warm up I was suprised to see my HR settle nicely at the low end of my AeT going 7mph @ 6% grade. Thought this was a good place to start and fully expected to need to pull back to 6.9mph later in the run to keep HR within AeT. As it was, I had no problem staying within my AeT at this pace with an average HR right in the middle.
Felt pretty comfortable throughout and legs were very strong, but I don't expect to be anywhere near this 8:34 pace up on Evans. Factor in the altitude and how much easier a treadmill is and I'm still thinking that my original thought of a 2:15 up there is pretty close.
The positive side to all this, though, is that I will be able to train at much faster paces here between 2,000'-6,000'.

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