Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 16 - 13,200' (222,880')

106 - 1,400' up/down on Shut-In.
107 - 4,000' up/down on Bent Creek Rd/Shut-In on 2 seperate climbs of 1,900'/2,100'.
108 - 1,400' up/down on Shut-In.
109 - 1,000' up/down around neighborhood.
110 - 2,000' with 8x800 at 6% on treadmill. 3:57,3:57,3:57,3:57,3:54,3:54,3:54,3:50.
111 - 2,000' up/down on Bent Creek Road(dirt) with a 3 mile uphill Tempo gaining 800', followed by a 2 mile uphill Tempo gaining 900'.
112 - 1,400' up/down on Sleepy Gap Trails.

I really enjoyed this week getting in a good amount of vert on my long run Sunday, then hitting back to back quality days with 800's and Tempos. I can feel my body picking up some speed right away. I wanted to TT hammer the 3 mile uphill Tempo yesteday, but showed some discipline staying within my AeT and just adding another Tempo instead. In hindsight if I would have prepared for this I would have done the 2nd Tempo on the same 5% hill rather than the 9% hill just so I can keep the legs moving faster on these quality days. That said, my long run this weekend will probaly be closer to 2,000'-2,500' of vert instaed of the 4,000' I did last week. Training for Evans takes complete precedent over any vertical goal right now ;-) I really don't mind, it's alot of fun running fast on 5%-7% grades. After all the steep stuff I did the first 13 weeks of the year, 5% almost feels flat to me.


  1. My 2 cents (common sense):
    You've done a ton of vertical which won't go away come June and you're still going to do a bunch, but you're right to work on some speed (less monster vert).

    Huge base you have in my 2 cent opinion.

    I remember talking to Ben Bruce (world class cx dude) about climbing; he was saying easier grades was the way to go (which for him meant speed). He acknowledged some steep stuff, but just some/any incline will do.

    He had just crushed a 13mile up3000+ race.

  2. That's a really good point Matt, that I completely agree with. I need to keep myself believeing that I won't lose power during this next phase. I'm receiving some great guidence and am certain he won't let any of the power/strength I've built go away, he knows all to well how important that is. The 2nd Tempo I did yesterday was good, hard work, but it may have been smarter to go back to the 5% hill.