Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 15 - 13,870' (209,680')

99 - 2,500' - up/down on Shut-In.
100 - 2,000' - up/down on Bent Creek Rd and Shut-In.
101 - 2,600' - up only on treadmill.
102 - 2,770' - up only on treadmill with 3x1 mile, 1200, 800, 1600 at 6%.
103 - 500' - up/down on neighborhood streets, with Kayle in stroller.
104 - 1,700' - mostly up, and a little down with 6x800 at 7%.
105 - 1,800 - Streets, Kayle in Stroller and treadmill.
What a great week I had with Kayle my, soon to be 5 years old, daughter. Kayle's school is on Spring Break this week so while Riley's school doesn't go until next week it was all about fun for Kayle and I. I spent Mon/Tues on the treadmill while I set her up with some movies. Then, on Wed. after 10:00 on the mill I got off and looked around the garage for the B.O.B. jogging stroller we used to have. I was certain we had passed that on to some friends a few years ago, but couldn't help to take a look. I was right, no stroller, but there was this one that has 4" plastic wheels that Kayle uses to put a few stuffed animals in and take for walks. I took it for a little test spin and it seemed ok withOUT my 40lb daughter in it so I asked her if she wanted to try it out. The stroller was fine and I had one the most enjoyable runs I've ever had. The best part of all is that Thur/Fri Kayle was out in the driveway in the stroller ready to go! Pushing our kids in strollers might be the best running partners we could ever ask for - the conversation, the singing, the questions - I completely forget I was pushing a crickity, old stroller with an alignment problem.
As for running, this was kind of an "easy" week, perhaps one that I needed as I get to really start ramping it up. This was also a bit of an experimental week figuring out where I'm as far as speed goes. Next week both kids will be at the Grandparents and I'm ready to make the most of the extra time I'll have for training.
Also, last summer I did 150,000' in 100 days. On my 100th day of 2011 I went over 200,000'.


  1. MACHINE. 50k more in the same amount of time. Dang.

  2. Stroller workouts are the bomb! Too bad you don't still have the BOB. 2000ft vert with a ~60-70lb stroller is sick.

  3. You'll have to change the name of your blog to 700K in 2011 at this rate!

  4. Thanks GZ, just much more consistant that's all - something I learned reading other blogs ;-)
    Tim - I was thinking of some of your baby jogger workouts when I hit a few bumps on my neighborhood streets.
    Thanks Ward - I was thinking that as well a few weeks ago, but realised doing that was just asking for an injury!

  5. Running sucks. But you rock.

    No real running for me, but actually played some futbol last sunday and will be every sunday so long as the fellas stay motivated.

    3 on 3. Was so fun. Different kind of workout all together. Pulled both groins, twisted an ankle and schooled some guys. Very good stuff.

    Carry-on, ya monster.

  6. Matt - I'm hoping to pull my groin tonight, and you got to twice on Sunday!
    I'm jealous that you're playing 3v3 with some guys, Damn!
    I think it's obvious that soccer is my first love. During really good training runs I often think about some great moments I had playing soccer - that adreniline/endorphine rush auto-triggers soccer memories. If it wasn't for an injury I'd still be playing and perhaps never know how great mountain running is - Bitter Sweet, I guess.