Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 14 - 16,150' (195,810')

92 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-In.
93 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-In.
94 - 2,550' up only on treadmill.
95 - 3,000' up/down on Bent Creek Rd. w/ 3 x 2 miles with 930' - See this post.
96 - 2,000' up/down on Sleepy Gap trails.
97 - 2,000' up/down on Shut-In.
98 - 2,600' up/down on Shut-In w/ a Double TT - 23:04, 23:11. When I raced myself 3 weeks ago (see this post) I lost by just :01, today I lost by :07. No worries though, I'm quite happy with a big :50 improvement on this Double TT in just 3 weeks.
Today's little TT was fun and I wanted to get in one more power type session in before I start to concentrate a little more on Mt. Evans specific stuff. The past 9 weeks I've run no less than 10 hours a week and averaged just under 16,000' of climbing per week. Now I'm ready to concentrate on gettng faster. My goal to this point was to work on power as much as possible. 10 weeks ago I struggled on the steep portions of my staple run, often hiking. Now I can even feel a little spring in my step as I run these sections. I've gained alot of power and lost some weight so I think my biggest improvement over the last 9 weeks is the power to weight ratio. It was just 8 weeks ago that it took me 27:00 to run what I ran today in 23:00, and I could only do it once 8 weeks ago! My legs have still not seen a sub 7:00 pace in a long, long time (except for some short downhill sections), in fact, I'd have to estimate that my average pace per mile over last 9 weeks is right around 10:00. That said, I have my work cut out for me. Up to this point I have done what I enjoy and have practiced what I do best, now I will need practice what I'm not so good at so I can make the most of Evans!