Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 x 2 miles with 930'.

I was looking forward to my legs coming back around this week so I could head over to my favorite 3 mile section of the Blue Ridge Parkway that's been closed all winter and do a 2 x 3 miles with 900'. I woke up this morning and felt pretty good so thought today's as good a day as any to go have some fun. As I was making the kids lunches and listening to the radio, the local news announced that my favorite section of the Parkway is now open again. I decided I didn't want to run on that road that has no shoulder with traffic, especially since a few other runners/hikers/cyclists had it to ourselves for so long and got quite spoiled.
So, I decided I'd make the drive a little further up the Parkway to where the high point of Bent Creek Rd(dirt) goes under and do some work there.
Parked and made the 16:00, 2 mile, 930' descent down as a warm up (and recovery between reps), then let the fun begin. My first goal for these reps was to be under 20:00 for all 3. My 2nd goal was to go a little faster on each one. I came pretty close to obtaining both goals, but still have some work to do on pacing with this kind of work - 19:45, 19:35, 19:51. I was working pretty hard on the 6th mile, but was still feeling strong, so I'm happy with the run.


  1. Nice - pretty tight on those intervals for that distance.

  2. To clarify,

    2 down, 19:45; 2 down, 19:35; 2 down, 19:51.

    Total: 12 miles, 6 miles of ascent @~2700ft.?

  3. Thanks GZ. Yea I was just hoping for reps 2&3 to be within :10. But I can also look at it as without the vertical gain it's close to being 3x3 flat miles. So, I think I can be happy with the :16 difference there.

    Hey Matt, yup, that's the workout, with just under 2,800', my watch said 2,792', but who's counting? ;-)
    How's the foot?