Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 13 - 21,450' (179,660')

85 - 1,400' up/down at the DuPont 12k. See this post.
86 - 3,300' - 2,100' up/down on Shut-In, then 1,200' up only on treadmill.
87 - 4,000' - 2,100' up/down on Shut-In, then 1,900' up only on treadmill.
88 - 3,300' - 2,100' up/down on Shut-In, then 1,200' up only on treadmill.
89 - 3,250 - up/down on a road with 4 x .9 with 650'. See this post.
90 - 3,100 - 1,900' up/down on Shut-In, then 1,200' up only on treadmill.
91 - 3,100 - up/down on Pilot Rock and Shut-In.

A big week for vertical as well as time on feet, about 13 hours and felt pretty good most of the time. About 25% of the vert was up only on the treadmill, so I still had about 16,000' of descent on my legs and I thought they held up really well.

Some photos below of the run I took this morning. I drove up to the Mt. Pisgah parking lot at 5,000' and hit one of my favorite climbs, 2.75 miles with 2,000 of climbing. But, to do this I need to run down the trail first - this is easily one of my least favorite downhill runs. The reward is I get to finish it with a favorite climb. A frosty morning.

The Pogues on the IPOD and nasty descents don't mix well with me.


  1. Gnarly trails. Good job, still pretty far ahead of schedule!

  2. My g'pa always used to tell me, "if you ain't bleeding, you're not trying hard enough.." sweet war wound! Looks like a brutal climb, I'm jealous....

  3. Thanks guys!

    Brett - I was thinking of changing the blog title, but knew that was just asking for an injury!

    Ward - In my case, I was bleeding because I forgot what I was running down ;-)

  4. Cut yourself shavin?

    22k of climbing in a week. Good lord.

  5. For me, 22k is easier than an 80-90 mile week. If I put in 13 hours flat at an easy-moderate effort I'd probably be close to 90 miles for the week and be hurtin' or injured.

  6. Beautiful waterfall! I don't understand a thing about "vertical" or elevation....I think I might go up 100 feet sometimes... but the training looks impressive to me!