Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 20 - 10,100' (268,780')

134 - 1,400' on Shut-In.

135 - 1,400 on Shut-In.

136 - 2,500 on dirt roads - See this post.

137 - 500' on neighborhood roads.

138 - 1,400' with 7.5 mile TT RedLine Training.

139 - 500' on neighborhood roads.

140 - 2,400' Roads/Treadmill with 3 mile progression and 10x:30.

This week was more of a transition into going easier on the easy days and harder on the quality days and I felt as strong as ever. Going pretty light between quality days I felt like I wanted to race the quality days. I feel like I can go pretty hard every other day right now.

Mondays 15 miler was just a load of fun and simulating race effort is exactly what I need right now as I'm am just itching to go.

Wed. was a TT Redemption day. Since this 7.5 TT kicked my ass last week I was given another chance this week to go hard and practice holding that RedLine. My LT is right at about 155 and my mile split HR's for this run were 139,152,155,153,154,160,159,163. This is a nice rolling course, never flat dirt road that takes alot of effort for me to hold the redline as I'm constantly going up/down. I'll be seeing 5:30's on the descents then about 10-15 seconds into the ups I'll experience that feeling that I just went over the line, then slow down just a bit to find that line again. - lots of concentration needed on this.

Friday (today) I just felt like an animal! I did a nice 30 minute w/u around the rolling neighborhood streets, then got on the treadmill for a 3 mile uphill progression at 6% grade. Mile splits for this were 8:00, 7:30, 7:00 (22:30). After a 30 minute c/d back on the streets I felt like I had just been teased by that 3 mile progression so I set the mill at 12% and 9mph (6:40) and did 10x:30 with 1-1:30 rest between. I'm feeling much more relaxed now and ready for a busy afternoon and evening at work.

With Evans just 4 weeks away I have far exceeded where I thought I'd be right now in training, but also feel like I'm just starting to tap into some unknown potential. I've been saying for the past 5 years that if I could get back to the weight I was at 5 years ago I'd be a better runner than I was 5 years ago. Well, my body has responded and I'm only a few pounds off from that weight. It's like I'm "double dipping" right now. The body is shedding unneeded weight which is making me faster and more efficient and I'm getting in some great quality sessions which is doing the same. I'm benefitting from both happening at the same time right now and haven't felt this good in a long, long time. The key now is to keep this up for the next 3 weeks, then make sure I feel like this on race day!


  1. Moohahahaha! The lion is about to be unleashed onto Mt. Evans!

  2. When we get to points like this, where body weight aligns with increased performance it's the beginning of a peak. Two key factors go in to a true peak and they are rest and specific intensity, both of which you are doing. A true peak lasts up to 5 weeks and is shaped like a peak on an elevation profile where it starts to climb, then peaks and then slowly drops off. You look like you're about half way up the climb.
    It's also super important to understand that if you raced Evans tomorrow you would kill it, so with that in mind you now take NO risks. Right now you are a brand new Ferrari off the assembly line ready to go. The only thing left is refining touches like paint and a race tune. Maybe a sweet sound system. Details. The engine and chassis are solid though.
    I'm getting psyched for you for Evans! And the post race BBQ.

  3. Thanks Brett!

    Tim - the explanation to what's happening right now is awesome and 2nd only to the load of confidence you've been giving me. Thanks!