Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 21 - 10,000' (278,780')

No BS on the shoe review I wrote on the Tecnica Diablo Sprints. I've been wearing these shoes daily on dirt roads as well as some rough single track and they are as good or better than the first week I wore them. They even look a little better with some dirt/mud on them.

141 - 1,400' - Shut-In.

142 - 1,400' - Shut-In.

143 - 2,000' - 15 mile hill fartlek - ~8:00 pace.

144 - 1,700' - Dirt Road - 7 x 3:00 on 6% - average pace 7:40.

145 - 1,400' - Shut-In.

146 - 1,600' - Dirt Road - 8 x 3:00 on 5% - average pace 7:13.

147 - 500' on neighborhood roads.

Not much to report this week that I haven't already said in the previous post.

I'm still feeling it and ready to go. Expect to put in some pretty good runs next week on 2 days of recovery training. Not looking forward to the taper, I'll need to find something to keep me busy - I think I'll take the kids swimming as much as possible and get some fun water time in as well.


  1. Did you see the Barca Man U match?

    Taper = ice cream, doughnuts, schlitz.
    Get it, dog.

    A lot trash talk is rolling around the old man pitch here in SD.
    I'm just getting warmed up. Time to bust some ankles.

  2. Messi just makes a mess out of the defenders - he really is one of the top 3 forwards ever. I never see him dive either, no one can catch him to make any contact.
    Good to hear you're brushing up on your trash talk - have you said anything bad about anyone's mother yet?