Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Back2Back Baby!

Just finished my favorite part of the week with my back2back quality runs.

Yesterday was a 9 mile progression on a nice rolling dirt road. This was done as a 3x3 with the last 3 done at or near Threshold. Felt strong and ready for tomorrow.

I was well warned ahead of time that today's run would be a tough one. But still had to experience it for myself to understand. When Lucho says it's one of his favorites it's not because it's fun and feels good - it's because it only feels good when it's over.

On the treadmill at 5% was 3x1 mile and 4x800 all on 400 recovery, but the recovery was done at just 15-20 bpm's below LT.

The screen on my treadmill went out so to keep things simple I just decided to pick 8mph for the miles and 800's and 6mph for the 400's and keep the incline at 5% for the whole run.

I went into this thinking that if I made it through the 3x1 miles it was in the bag - no problems. The first mile was a little tough, still warming up, 2nd felt pretty good, strong. The 3rd I had to work a little, but knew I had it w/o putting myself into any difficulty before the 800's.

The 1st 800 was good, the 2nd was a little tough and I knew that the last 2 were going to be harder than any of the miles and they were. The last 2 800's of this workout really hurt. Without the full recovery these last 2 really snuck up on me and pushed me as hard as I've been pushed this year. Great session that I'll definately use again!

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