Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 22 - 8,900' (287,680')

148 - 1,000' on a mix of pavement, dirt and woodchips. A 7.5 mile progression in 3/2/1.5/1 increments.
149 - 1,400' 1hr. on Shut-In. This was suposed to be a long run, but bigger/better priorities took over. This is pretty much the first scheduled training run I've missed during the 8 weeks of Evans specific I've been doing.
150 - 1,400' 1hr on Shut-In.
151 - 1,400' 1 hr on Shut-In
152 - 850' on rolling dirt. 9 mile progression. See this post.
153 - 2,350. 3x1mile, then 4x800 all on 400 AeT recovery. See this post.
154 - 500' on neighborhood streets.
Felt pretty good this week, mostly because of the skipped long run. I have a pretty hard long run scheduled for this Sunday, so I'm looking forward to a little more fatigue setting in before taper time.
I recovered very well from the Wed/Thur back2back runs and felt like I could have done alot more today. I'll save it for Sunday, though, and really make the most of, probably, my last hard/long run before Evans.

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