Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Mt. Evans for me.

Something abruptly came up and the choice to cancel my trip to CO and run the Mt. Evans Ascent was a no-brainer.
Thanks to all of you who followed my training and offered words of encouragement through the training - very much appreciated.

Days 155-163 = 14,000'
Year to Date = 301,680'
As far as running goes, I'll keep at it. It's great therapy and allows me to be healthy and a great example.
The fitness I've gained through the training won't go to waste. It will allow me to do some great exploring on the trails.

I think the single biggest reason I was able to train well this year is because I didn't look to make time to run. I let the time come to me. When the time was available I went running.


  1. Sorry to hear that man. But keep at all things good.

  2. I'm sure you made the right call. Keep at it, there are bigger and better things to accomplish out there.

  3. I'm selfish. I was looking forward to meeting you! We'll see you soon enough, I'm sure. tim