Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 25 - 7,000' (308,680')

Need to do a little catching back up here and get back on my vertical posting schedule.
The last big run I had was Sunday June 12th, I went about 2.5 hours with 3,500' of vert. About 30 minutes into the run I rolled my ankle pretty good, but, as usual, I kept running and within a few minutes all was well. However the next moring as I went out to do an easy run on the roads my ankle was in pretty bad shape and a little swollen. Called it quits after about 15:00 when it just seemed to get worse and not loosen up. The next few days were the same and the ankel wouldn't loosen up on an easy walk, so decided to give it a full weeks rest.
Got back at it this past Monday and the ankel felt about 90% and is now back to 100%.
So, days 164-170 = 0'
And, days 171-175 = 7,000'
The last 5 days I ran the same 1,400' up/down portion of the Shut-In Trail. Monday I felt like total garbage, couldn't believe how hard that run was after taking a full week off. I had run everyday for the first 6 months of the year so I guess my body did not like that abrupt change. It wasn't until Wed. that my legs started coming back to me and today I actually put in 30:00 of 1h/1e on the up ortion of the run. Nothing zippy, but starting to feel good again and getting my HR elevated a little definately helped.
The week off was a good test of the metabolism shift I was able to make the last 6 months. Seemed to drop a little weight even during the 7 days of inactivity. Appitite was a little down adjusting to the inactivity instead of the ravage devouring I used to crave. I really do contribute this shift to just getting out and doing something everyday; just like when I was a kid. Sure there was the growing factor involved as a kid/teenager, but there are still overweight kids/teenagers, so I truly believe that, for me, it's a result of everyday activity.

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