Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 28 - 7,700' (344,480')

190 - 900' - University Geneseo campus.
191 - 1,500' - Village/Univ. of Geneseo.
192 - 1,500' - same as yesterday.
193 - 0'
194 - 0'
195 - 1,400' on Shut In.
196 - 2,400' on Shut-In.

A nice week with a good mix. Had fun in Genesoe running around the village and campus, then stopping by the track a few times during the run to do a hard mile. This was kind of like a fartlek in the sense that each trip to the track during the run was unplanned. I'd just stop by whenever my path led me back that way.
Was suposed to travel back on Tuesday, but after 4 hours at the airport with a delay due to a mechanical issue my parents came back and picked up my kids and I to stay another night. The only other alternitive was to spend the night in Atlanta or Detroit -no way! Worked out well as we got out of Rochester, NY at 6:30 am and landed back here at 10:30am. Not a bad deal at all on Wed. morning.
Was glad to be back on the trails here in Asheville. Yesterday was nice and easy on my staple section of the Shut-In course. Then today was hard on all the ups and easy on the downs. Near the end I was feeling it so I went a little hard on some of the downs as well.
There are some good races I'll be following the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing how Tim W does doing the double at Silver Rush this weekend as well as GZ at the BTMR.


  1. BTMR is this weekend and I am pretty sure David R is out.

  2. ThanksGZ have a great race this weekend!