Thursday, August 18, 2011

4 x 1.5 w/ 1,130' for each.

Shut - In Profile.

Went out and wrecked myself in the best way possible this morning. 4 reps up the last 1.5 mile climb on the Shut-In Ridge Trail, all in under 22:00. Well, except the 3rd rep, but made up for it on the 4th, I think. Yup, that's some strength work done at about a 14:30 pace, with a total of 12 miles in 2:35 for the day at about an average pace of 13:00. Late in the climbs I was practicing my "Ugly Looking Euro Hike.", best described by Nick, while I listening to Euro-trash Girl and a few other Cracker favorites.
Based my goal times on the first rep that i did in 21:55 then went and made a goal to go sub 22:00 on each one. I went 21:55, 21:47, 22:34, 21:39. Had a full 17:00 rest between each while I carefully made my way back down. Would like to add a complete 5th rep to this work out in the next 5 weeks or so. I think I'll build on the 4 by heading up maybe 300' next time, then 500' the next and so on until I can get a 5th in in under 22:00.
Hoping to do this race, first Saturday in November, it's a classic and one of the hardest 18 mile courses I've been on. 5,300' up and 2,300' of descent. I think it's about 10-11 weeks out so I'll be getting in some more specific training for this starting today ;-). It will certainly have to be a good mix of stuff to be able to be fast on the flats, downs and easy ups and strong enought to hammer the steeps. Looking forward to getting back into the training mind again.

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