Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 33 - 11,300' (399,200')

225 - 1,400' on Shut-In.
226 - 0'
227 - 500' - Roads.
228 - 500' - Roads.
229 - 2,200' - Bear Wallow Mtn. where the cows are!
230 - 4,500' - Shut-In's final climb - see previous post.
231 - 2,200' - Shut-In's first big climb. - a few reps.
Had a pretty good week, certainly turned it on later in the week as I had some more time to get out. Bear Wallow Mtn, where I like to take my kids hiking has a great loop. You can either take single track to the top or a dirt road, both are about a mile and gain 550'. I opt for going up the single track and down the dirt road. Did 4 loops of this on Wednesday for some quick vert. padding! This loop works out well since Tima doesn't like to do more than 2 loops so I can put her in the car while I tack on a few more. I also never have to carry anything with me, I stash some fluids at the bottom where the single track meets the dirt road.
This morning I jogged around on some steep stuff then did 3 reps up a 500' hill. I was suprized how well my legs felt after what I tried to do to them yesterday. I'm sure they will be tired tomorrow. Atleast there was no impact recovery needed. Almost no impact on the ups yesterday and very little coming down as I was taking it very slow.
Good luck to all the PPM/PPA and Leadville racers this weekend!!

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