Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 40 13,700 (466,200')

274 - 2,100' - Ran w/ Adam around the Rock2Rock course.
275 - 1,300' - Back roads - nice and easy.
276 - 2,000' - Driveway reps, hard, 11x400 w/182.6' of vert per. The trail was actually about 180.8', but I went another 1.8' into the thick forest to get that extra 1%. When a 30:?? 10k'er says to go the extra 1%, I listen.
277 - 2,100' - see previous post - First, however, quote of the run and perhaps the year - "This trail is so steep that I have rock rash on my fore-skin."
278 - 2,000' Driveway reps, moderate.
279 - 2,200' - Back roads, nice and easy - lots of bear scat - I keep Lord's Balls in my pocket, they were left on my front porch a few weeks ago. They are tiny, pea sized, but the rancid stench keeps the bears away. They're hard to keep track of, they are constantly slipping down between my drivers seat and the console to live with some pennies and Cheerios. But, the tweezers I have do the trick and recovering the balls from down there keeps me safe from momma bears this time of year. Definitely keepers, thanks to the anonymous kind soul who passed these on to me.
280 - 2,000' - More Back Roads - pushed a little - felt good.


  1. Killing me.
    LB is only about 5 hours from you in swoope va this weekend.
    Big week for ya. Getting close to that 500k, should hit it easily before Halloween. Solid.

  2. Thanks Tim. I'd like to make October a big month, 60,000' perhaps? - it's my favorite time of year and it's perfect for running. Would like to hit Nov/Dec really fit.
    Hope I'm killing you in a good way!

  3. I'm hoping to still be walking by nov/dec.
    Haven't had a good laugh like your post gave me in a long time. Needed it. Oh and LB is at grindstone next weekend not this one. Wish I was running that sucker. I've had my mind on it since the beginning of the season.

  4. Can't wait to get smashed on a run and recovery with thee. The running here has definitely picked up. I'm coming.

    Lord's it all makes sense.

    And love the quote. More people should climb like that.

  5. Damn! 23,000' of vert in that effer! Grindstone would suit you well, you know how to run on this terrain. I think you'll be feelin' well in Dec/Nov, you're probably in that level of fitness where you recover like a 14 year old boy with a special sock.

  6. Some great stuff in here. Road rash on the foreskin - awesome.

    You continue with a ridiculous amount of vertical. Amazing.

  7. Thanks GZ. The fact that I can put in 2,000' in just 1 hour at a pretty easy/moderate effort right out my front door pads the numbers well.