Sunday, September 27, 2009


16 miles - 2:28. +/-2,100'

Felt pretty good, did not have the energy I had at the end like I did yesterday, but that's expected with 33 miles for the weekend. Did an out/back on a rolling dirt road. There's an 800' climb from 6.5 - 8 miles where the road ends at the Blue Ridge Parkway. The start to the 6.5 mark has exactly the same amout of up/down, 650'. I ran this section at the same pace both out and back, I'm very happy knowing I kept the same pace/effort from start to finish. 1,450' of climbing heading out and 650' coming back, ran 1:18 and 1:10. Maureen&Kayle&Riley met me at the turnaround where they picked up Tima, gave me a new shirt, 2 bananas and some fluids.
All positives today with this run, but the best part was having the family meet me at the turn around.Spent 10 minutes with them as the kids insisted on running all the way back with me. After a couple of uphill reps with them Maureen convinced them to come with her. Her technique was well noted. She told them that they could go home and find all the clothes that didn't fit them anymore and donate them. Once they did that they could pick out a toy. They left me in the dust as they were racing Mommy back to the car. These really as the best moments.
Looking ahead a little I feel ready to try an 18/18 in 2 weeks. We'll see how next weekend goes first.


  1. Your daughter's name is Kayle? Crazy - so is mine (Kalianne actually but we call her Kali).

  2. Cool - we say her name like K-Lee. Is that how you say Kali?