Monday, September 28, 2009


4 miles easy.
Just started feeling good at the end of the run.

Made a deal with myself this morning. No speed work until I drop the 10 pounds. At this point speedwork is not important and the risk of injury is too much with the increase in milage and the amount of impact involved with speedwork done with the extra pounds. I'll be faster 10 pounds lighter anyway; so I'll look at weight loss as speedwork.


  1. please accept this as a comment from an unexperienced observer... maybe speedwork would actually HELP you lose weight? all i know is that speedwork was the one thing that got me to drop the extra 6 lbs i was carrying when i started training for a race (as opposed to just running to stay fit). maybe just something to do once a week? just a thought....

  2. You make a very good point and have often heard many runners of all levels comfirm they've had the same experience as you. My biggest concern right now is staying injury free and builing a base. Any training program I've referred to always highly recommends having a base before the speedwork starts. I probably have enough base for marathon training, but not yet for Mt. Mitchell. This decision is based more on staying injury-free than anything else. In 2 months you'll get your chance to see me suffer thru some reps!