Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Hump TT

Big Yellow Mountain.
Had a great day running over in this area, about 90 minutes from Asheville and had hoped to summit Little Hump with Adam and Tim, but my internal compass must've been shut off or needed calibration. Headed out for an up/down TT, 5.2 miles and 2,800' of climbing on the way up with another couple hundred feet of climbing on the way back for about a 3,000' day. The plan was to take a split about half way up at Yellow Gap, then split at the summit, then again at Yellow Gap on the way back. The first mile and 700-800' of climbing goes through alot of open field and pature with no real trail and allows for picking your own line and going with it. Then we head into some thick forest for the next mile with more good climbing. The 3rd mile is pretty steep but consistant and this is where I really got into a rhythem and thought I might be able to gain back some on Adam and Tim who were now out of sight. I thought for sure these guys were going to bury eachother up this climb and I might be able to take advantage of the lactic acic carnage going on to at least get to the summit first or with them. Because the reality of it all is that they would have swallowed me within minutes on the descent! So hear I am feeling great after 2 miles and starting to crank it up the steady steep stuff. Yellow Gap comes right around the 3 mile mark, with still another 2.2/1,450' to the summit. I got to Yellow Gap and the trail split. Without going into detail as to why I went left instead of right, I'll just say that it didn't really matter, both were wrong turns. It wasn't until I was coming back that I saw the trail I was actually supposed to take was about 10 meters before the 2 I was contemplating - I flew right by the correct trail and never knew it until about an hour later. So I am now off course, but didn't know it for a good 10-15 minutes. Earlier I was hearing some big yells by Adam, but no more, I thought this was a good sign, Adam tired perhaps, but it was a bad sign. It wasn't until I came upon a big mud area and saw no footprints from Adam or Tim or Tim's dog. Well it was too late to sick with the TT plan up Little Hump, this trail was going straight up and decided to climb until it didn't climb anymore. A good 2,000' of run/hike and I was on the summit of something, but could hardly see 10' in fornt of me it was so foggy and perfect! Loved it, but at the top of this there was no trail so I decided not to wonder and just get back. Made it back about 25:00 after Adam and Tim and 10-15 minutes after Brandon. Adam and Brandon thought I may have tagged Big Yellow. I'll take it for a little under 4,000' on that run and a little over 4,000' for the day. Good beer, great company - looking forward to our next TT. I put in for an up only that I know I won't get lost on!


  1. Sounds like fell running at its best. Living the the life, man. Putting all this training to a test? Or just for the sake of trale?

  2. Hey Matt. It certainly felt like what I'd imagine Fell running to be. No races coming up, just enjoying getting out. Would love to get into 3 Peaks though. You in?