Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 39 - 12,000' (452,500')

267 - 4,000' - Big Yellow, perhaps - it was quite foggy. See previous post.
268 - 0'
269 - 2,200' - Explore Back Roads w/Brian.
270 - 2,000' - Driveway reps. 10x200'.
271 - 1,000 - Roads.
272 - 1,800' - Back Roads
273 - 1,000' - Roads
On Monday Brian and I explored the back roads behind my place with his Garmin Edge 500. Brian rode his single speed and I ran. The terrian allowed for, a sort of, even pace for us. While Brian was red-lining on the ups, I was killing my quads on the downs! To access these back roads we need to ride/run an easy 1.5 miles, then have access to miles and miles of great stuff. Our exploring was done not just to see what was up there, but to see how we can connect my back yard to these back roads. Laying the Garmin info over google earth we found that we were actually quite close to my backyard, about 1/4 mile as the crow flies. We have a little more work to do to find the perfect spot, but when we do we are going to make a trail from my back yard to the back roads that will then lead to Brians back yard! We'll mark some coords on the GPS and once the leaves fall and we have a good line of site we will be cutting a trail. Should be a great hobby thru the winter.
Brian's back yard - photo taken from his deck.


  1. Sweet little project (actually its huge). Your passion manifested in your neighborhood. Still going strong, my friend.

    Question: any authentic fell races in the U.S.?

  2. I'm hoping it's not a huge project! We only need to make that one connection from my place to the nearest back road, about 1/4 mile away as the crow flies. After that it's just a trail/back roads haven ready to punish me!
    Not sure of any fell races in the US. I'm not aware of hilly places without trees in the US that are not covered in technical rocky terrain. What I ran on last year in Wales and England was certainly of it's own - absolutely amazing! The closest I've seen is right here in NC and TN where we have some "balds." But it's just a very small area at the top of a mountain after running through thick forest for 90% of the climb.