Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 38 - 12,000' (440,500')

260 - 0'
261 - 4,500' - Shut-In - see previous post.
262 - 1,000' - out my front door. (OMFD)
263 - 1,000' - OMFD.
264 - 1,800' - BearWallow x 3.
265 - 1,600' - OMFD - New!
266 - 2,100' - OMFD - New!!
Great week with some more exploring around my new place. The 2 OMFD 1,000' days were on a little route that I'm quite farmilar with. But, yesterday and today (1,600'/2,100') I grew a set and checked out this gravel road I had been turning around at. At the bottom of my driveway I can turn right and go up a paved road for about 1,200 meters before it ends at a house where I saw some dogs that looked a little sketchy. Just left of the house there's a dirt road, but it turns sharply and I could never see where it went. So Thursday morning I ran up the road with 2 good sized rocks in my hands preparing for the worst if the dogs were, in fact, going to give me a run for my money. Ran passed the house and never saw anything, so all was good there. Then, I was generously paid for my courage. I founds a whole new world, a nice system of dirt raods that most jeeps would have difficulty getting through. Just some icing on the cake from what I thought I was already getting by moving here. I feel very fortunate that I can run out my front door now into an abundance of miles and vertical.

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  1. Nice! Great trail and IT correspondent work.